Festive Recipes Made Easy — A holiday cookbook for busy families

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Serve up a delicious holiday meal without spending your entire Christmas in the kitchen.

With my 50-page guide to the best family-tested festive recipes, you’ll be prepared to serve just the right dish for all kinds of family celebrations all season long.

  • TASTY RECIPES: Spoil your family with delicious dishes that won’t take you too long to prepare—great ideas for sweet treats, holiday breakfasts, and special dinners.
  • EASY MEAL PLANS: Three easy meal plans to get you through the holiday season. Mix and match the recipes to customize your feast.
  • TIME-SAVING: Don’t spend your Christmas in the kitchen; easy prep-ahead tips to get you back to the party quickly.
  • FINISHING TOUCHES: Advice for connecting with your family over a holiday meal and how to make your table pretty in a pinch.
  • PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNERS: Adorable meal planning pages to keep you on track and organized all season long.


Festive Recipes Made Easy includes 24 real family favorites that will be the perfect fit for a variety of special occasions to see you through the entire season:

  • Easy treats to bake with the kids
  • The perfect snacks for movie night
  • Holiday breakfast ideas for both sweet and savory menus
  • Simple slow cooker recipes to enjoy a break
  • Fancy feast ideas for the Big Night

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